Why I write

Why I Write

Why I write? I write because I feel. Because somewhere inside me are a million thoughts waiting to find expression. And a hundred stories hoping to be told. Writing gives me a voice.

I write because to an introvert like me it’s the most natural way of self-expression.  And a way to reach out and seek connection with those who think the same way. Or those who think differently.

I write so that I can have a record with me, of all the wonderful and surprising and disappointing and unforgettable and heart-breaking moments I have experienced. To look back at life whenever I wish to, without having to rely just on a fading memory, is why I write.

Another reason why I write is the rush of seeing something I wrote, actually getting published and appreciated. Acknowledged and understood. Shared. I have so much to write about, that I actually have two completely different blogs!

I write because I know how much I need to improve my writing skills. Because practise is the only thing that can get me there.

I write, also, because it centres me. In that sense, in almost every sense, I write for myself.


This is a post in response to the #everydayinspiration prompt from WordPress. 

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