About Me

Nomadic Dreamz is a blog about travel, food and similar themes. Well, mostly about travel and food as these are my two biggest interests 🙂

I am a content marketer and former product manager based in India and as should be evident by now, I’m passionate about travelling and seeing the world. Nomadic Dreamz is my attempt to share my stories with those who stop by, and hopefully inspire a few to go off in search of adventures of their own!

Growing up in a military family, where you are pretty much always on the move, probably contributed to my restless spirit. I am happiest when I am off the grid somewhere, usually solo. All I need is a book and a camera and maybe some chocolate!

This website is a labour of love, as I have a full-time job and travel/write only in my free time. Follow along and if something resonates, give me a shout!

You can find me on Twitter, Facebook,  Pinterest and Instagram as well.

Comments, questions, feedback? Do reach out!

mountains in the background and the writer of Nomadic Dreamz wearing sunglasses in the foreground
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