About Me Hi there and welcome to my website!

Hi there and welcome to my website!

I am Neha, a writer/editor and inveterate solo traveller! This blog is about my travel and foodie adventures. I am happiest when I am off the grid somewhere, usually solo. All I need is a book and a camera and maybe some chocolate!

My first solo trip happened in 2010, quite by chance, when a friend backed out of a trip we’d planned together. Deciding that I was fed up of waiting for friends/family to come along with me on trips, I went on the two-week international trip by myself – and it changed my life!

If you want to learn more about solo travel, or travelling around India, then stick around. I’ll be sharing personally vetted information, tips, and tricks that you won’t find on commercial sites!

You can find me on TwitterFacebook,  Pinterest and Instagram as well.

Comments, questions, feedback? Do reach out! I would absolutely love to hear from you.

Keep dreaming, keep travelling. And remember, travel responsibly!



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