Un-travel Writing

Liebster award 2018

I cannot believe my luck. I was nominated for the Liebster Award 2018 by the very sweet Marina Wang, an Aries who blogs about travel, fashion, and lifestyle at Wait Marina Who.  Since my blogs are both just a few months old, and I’ve never been nominated for any kind of blogging-related award before, I am rather thrilled at this. The world out there is full of super-talented bloggers/writers doing amazing things. I hope I can also take my blogs…

Why I write

Why I write? I write because I feel. Because somewhere inside me are a million thoughts waiting to find expression. And a hundred stories hoping to be told. Writing gives me a voice. I write because to an introvert like me it’s the most natural way of self-expression.  And a way to reach out and seek connection with those who think the same way. Or those who think differently. I write so that I can have a record with me,…

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