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Why I travel solo

I travel solo quite often for various reasons. While an Indian woman travelling by herself for leisure still often elicits some surprise/shock/concern from others, Iโ€™ve never let that bother me. In fact I believe that solo travel has made me better in many ways. I travel solo at least once a year, more if possible.

This is what I believe happens, when you start to travel solo

  • After the initial discomfort of being all by yourself, you move on to being able to enjoy your own company and the pleasures of being the sole decision-maker for your holiday plans. Want to capture a sunrise? Go for it! Prefer to spend the morning lazing at a cafรฉ instead of visiting a museum? Sure, whatever you like!
  • You become a lot more confident. Travel can bring along with it missed connections, lost belongings, budget issues, security concerns and lot of other things. Dealing with it all and still having a good trip teaches you that you are stronger and smarter than you think you are. You learn to trust your gut.
  • You start getting to know yourself better. With nobody elseโ€™s preferences to worry about, you can plan your trips just the way you want to. In the process you learn more and more about your own likes and dislikes and what makes you happy. You also figure out things like how good a communicator you are, what your travel style is, what are the things you have trouble dealing with, and so on.
  • Gradually your perspective on life begins to change. When you go out into the world, meeting and talking to people, learning about different places and cultures, you realise what is superficial and what really matters in life.
  • You learn that there are a lot of good people out there, and travelling alone does not necessarily mean not having folks to chat with. All you need is a willingness to smile and communicate.
  • You realise that your fears about travelling alone were mostly unfounded, and that you’ve ended up actually having a great time.

Maybe now you can see why I travel solo so often! If you have not tried solo travel yet, go ahead and give it a shot. Be sure to let me know about it!

Featured image by Yaoqi Lai on Unsplash

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This picture of a peaceful beach illustrates one of the reasons why I travel solo



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12 thoughts on “Why I travel solo”

  1. I really admire people who are able to travel solo, especially women. I would really love to solo travel and experience the fun of it. I have seen many experienced solo travelers very confident and wise. Thanks for the motivation.

  2. Being of Indian origin, I absolutely understand what you mean by elicit surprise and concern for a solo Indian traveler. I travel by myself sometimes, but when I do people always look at me like I am crazy!! They fail to understand how much solo travel teaches you, especially about yourself. Its harder to travel by myself now that I have a kid, but I sure did enjoy those Solo travel years. Lovely article. I just hope more women like us set out to explore the world.

    1. Thanks Vrithi! It’s always great to hear from others like me ๐Ÿ™‚
      I too hope that the tribe of female solo travellers in my part of the world increases rapidly!

  3. Didn’t know it is a shock for many still that indian women can go travelling on their own. I enjoy indeed my own company when travelling, just controlling my time and what I want to see. Travelling solo also indeed makes you more confident. Great way of maturing is travel IMO.

  4. I have traveled solo and with family and on business, so I think I have managed to get experience in all forms of travelling. I do agree that a person should travel solo at least once, if for nothing else but for some much needed introspection. Like any kind of travel it has its perks and negative aspects, but the need for company should certainly not hold a person back.

    1. Yes, experiencing all forms of travel including solo (just the way you did) is probably the best thing. I too mix up my solo trips with vacations with my sister, trips with friends, and so on. Pros and cons are everywhere ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I love your reasons for solo travel and I admire you as well. I travel alone often, and when I do, and then share with people, they always look at me a bit odd, as if there is something wrong because I’m alone. I like being on my own sometimes, you know.. just to chill and enjoy my own company!

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