View of mountains and fir trees from Lal Tibba Landour

Sun-dappled paths lined with fir trees; endless green vistas ending in a horizon of snow-capped mountains; cottages with English and Irish names; birdsong that you can actually hear, all through the day. When I close my eyes and remember Landour, these are the first memories that come to me. I spent a long weekend in Landour in the spring and came back completely head over heels in love—  blown away by the beauty of the tiny cantonment hill station,…

Tungabhadra river at Hampi

If you are looking for some places to visit near Bangalore (or Bengaluru if you insist) over the next long weekend that comes up, this post is for you! Here is a list of just 5 of the popular weekend getaways from Bangalore, as recommended by travel bloggers. 1. Munnar One of the most preferred destinations among travellers for weekend getaways from Bangalore is Munnar. Munnar boasts an enticing landscape enveloped in carpets of tea plantations. It is till date…

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